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GREEN stands for green surroundings in the heart of the busy city of Athens. Either from the front balcony or a side window, the tenant has a green view-- serene trees and flora.
The old-fashioned late 1940s low rise apartment building, in which our apartments are located, has a common green yard in the back and in the front looks out to the pine forest of the Panathenaic stadium .
A BBQ is in the yard for parties and gatherings under the big lemon tree!
ARTISTIC for the Design
On the ground floor is located the exhibition of Ioannis Zachariadis.
Ioannis has been making his own design tables from marble and wood for many years, each piece unique and one of a kind.
All the apartments were renovated in 2009 by Ioannis and each of them has a unique style different from the other.
Yet all the apartments have one thing in common: a high aesthetic touch and a warm and welcoming feeling.
Old exclusive furniture, antiques, and art items can be found in each space which gives a unique feeling to the visitor.
QUIET for the privacy
In the heart of the Athens centre only 100 meters from busy Amalias Avenue one can find a quiet street, Agras St.
On the left of Agras St. is the pine forest of the Panathenaic Stadium
LUXURY for the design antiques and furniture
All the apartments have something special: variety of antiques, beautifully- renovated bathrooms and living spaces 
In summary, our philosophy states itself in a simple way: to provide top accommodation with artistic design apartments including many amenities and privacy right in the heart of Athens.
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